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This portal was very useful for me...I have downloaded study materials from this portal...I have passed TNPSC Group IV examinations 2019-20...Thank you so much for the Guidance of Virtual Learning portal. Kavipriya
Best place to prepare TNPSC without cost. Government take great move for poor people...Thank you! Vignesh
I'm so happy to see this website. It's most useful for rural area candidates Shanmugapriya
Dear Sir, first of all I would like to thank you for your excellent service in the field of competitive examinations. I very much appreciate your effort and this site is helping me in my exam preparation. Dinesh Velliangiri
Such an amazing site. Great initiation from the Government side. Keep learning and use this wonderful opportunity Roopha B
Really worthy content. I hope it helps every sincere aspirant. Priya
Very useful website for beginners and I downloaded everything here, thanks for your support... All the very best to All Sumathi
I have studied in district employment office, Erode...I have used this portal to take was very useful...I have passed TNPSC Group 4 exams and now I'm working in sales tax department- Chennai...thank you so much... Pm.Chakravarthy
Dear friends, I was a TNPSC aspirant. I started to write the exam from 2008 onwards. Without going to any coaching Centre, I prepared my own preparation with some of my senior friends with invaluable guidance. I got more than 8 Government services. Currently i work in commercial tax dept. I saw this site last year. Some of the materials are invaluable. All TNPSC aspirants should use this virtual learning portal. Balaji.M
Excellent efforts by Tamil Nadu Government. Very useful website for competitive exam preparation Sai Aakash


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